Network Introduction

Embassy Freight started in 1981 as a strategic union between Singapore, Italy and Belgium aiming at the increasing demand for worldwide logistics services. Since that time, the group's geographical expansion has been very successful resulting in so many offices in different parts of the world. At this moment, the Embassy Group is operating in more than 20 countries and has over 60 offices worldwide, with further new offices planned in 2013 and beyond.

Today Embassy Freight is a well-developed global freight forwarder with a strong basis in industry, advanced systems and strong competitive advantage. Besides our own Embassy network we have 124 key agents around the world which cooperate with us in order to provide the same quality and value-added services to our esteemed mutual customers.

Our group is represented by 2 remarkable, outstanding and experienced men. Firstly, Ronnie Tyre, Chairman of the board, who founded the Embassy Freight philosophy and who developed the Embassy network in Asia very successfully. Secondly our president Vittorio Soliani who made it possible for our network to develop other regions like Europe, America, Middle-East, etc. Both of them have more than 35 years each of experience in our business. The future is looking bright as the next generation is standing in line to develop the group towards a even bigger global forwarding group.